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Ecological and Sustainable solution

The sky-water company was created with the aim of providing an ecological and sustainable solution to the water shortage that is plaguing more and more countries around the world.

For several years now, we have been working on the possibility of collecting fresh water without any polluting treatment and transporting it to water-stressed regions.

The Sky-water company has been working on the development of a vessel capable of combining rainwater harvesting capacity, detection of high-intensity downpours using meteorological radar to detect and track rainfall, and a large storage capacity (+250,000m3).

Following an expert study, the Skywatership project was patented by the European intellectual property protection authorities.

Sky water project

Sky water produces the first extra-continental water from tropical rainfall on the high seas.

Our aim is to provide a sustainable, natural solution to the problems of water scarcity due to drought and pollution of continental sources.

Nestlé destroys two million bottles of Perrier over bacterial
French prosecutors to investigate Nestlé over mineral water treatments


Faced with the various problems and scandals shaking the bottled water industry, such as pollution of springs, depletion of aquifers and environmental restrictions, Sky Water offers a solution that meets all these constraints and enables us to produce water of superior quality.

Quality! Purest!

Sky water collects water from tropical rainfall on the high seas, following the course of the summer and winter monsoons, far from populated areas polluted by human activity.

We use vessels that combine water collection capacity with an on-board bottling units, a process unique in the world and never before developing, giving us a precious expertise.

The mobility of maritime navigation enables us to produce and deliver as close as possible to markets around the world, thus considerably reducing our carbon footprint.

Collecting area


Vessel fleet control center to optimize rainwater harvesting. A team of meteorologists and marine officers is on call 24 hours a day, all year round. They analyze precipitation and direct ships to the best locations.


The “SEAHORSE MANAGER” software suite provides technical, production and human resources management.

Nutrition facts

Sky Water is enriched with 78 marine minerals taken from the deep sea at depths of over 300 meters.

These minerals come from a pollution-free environment.

This unique composition makes Sky Water a high-quality drink with welfare that is 100% assimilable by the body.

Sky Water is naturally ionized and comes from tropical rainfall, a highly alkaline water.

It is more hydration (70%) than limestone-rich continental waters, detoxifies antioxidant cells, improves energy, sports performance, weight loss and many other benefits. 

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